13: Eating baboon brains, surging markets, and bad life advice

Happy Monday!

This week I’m drafting an article currently titled “How to Make Money on Medium (and Why It Might Not Be Worth It)”. If this is something you’re interested in, is there anything you specifically want to know or learn about? Anything you think I should add (that I might not know)? Just reply to this email and let me know!

Other than that, I’ve continued to use Fitify (a new workout app I’m loving) and I’ve started using Notion to do my weekly planning/task managing, which is a big change for me from the notecard strategy I’ve used for the last few years. Will keep you posted.

Onto the newsletter:

🥗 Wild things about human health that one man learned after he hunted, killed, and ate a wild baboon with the indigenous Hadza tribe in Africa.

I’ve dabbled a bit in the last year with threads on Twitter. None of them performed exceptionally well, but for the most part I didn’t think I was doing too bad. Then I came across this thread by Anthony Gustin:

I hunted, killed, and ate a wild baboon (brains and all) with the indigenous Hadza tribe in Africa.Here are the 13 things I learned about human health along the way.👇 THREAD


Anthony completely blew away all my expectations for how an epic thread should be written, and with 37,000+ likes, looks like others agree as well.

As for the thread itself, it goes deep into his personal experiences hunting with the Hadza tribe and revealed some pretty neat findings on human health. I’m always interested in stuff like this which makes you second-guess the overthinking we do in modern culture.

I’m never writing another thread again unless it’s up to this standard. Trust me, it’s worth the read.

💸 The markets are surging and we’re all here for it

Investing is something I’ve been diving deep into ever since, believe it or not, the GameStop saga started early last year. No, I’m not a total /r/wallstreetbets ape, but I root for those guys, and they’ve helped turn me into what I feel is a decent investor (by doing the exact OPPOSITE of what they do).

A few updates on the current state of the markets:

  • The first two months of the year were brutal for US stocks, but now they’re in a position to secure their first monthly gain in March.
  • Bitcoin is now positive on the year and Ethereum is pumping hard with The Merge on the horizon
  • Even GameStop is on a tear again

The best advice I have for newer investors looking to grow their wealth?

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." — Benjamin Franklin

Don’t just throw your money where everyone else is throwing it. DYOR (do your own research) and place educated bets on projects and people you believe in.

🧙 Life advice that can just f*** off

It’s no secret that self-improvement articles perform insanely well on the internet. When I first started writing/blogging, self-improvement was the field I chose mostly because it was highly applicable to my life at the time.

But every now and then, someone rises up to challenge the status quo. Mark Manson is probably the most widely known person for flipping the self-improvement niche upside down with his mega-hit book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck".

Last week, I discovered an awesome thread on Reddit that did the same thing. The thread was titled “What life advice can just f*** off?” Some of my favorite gems include:

  • “Cheaters never prosper”…Yes they f***ing do
  • “Ignore the bullying and it will go away” like wtf is that logic, if you are actively letting bullying happen to you it will only get worse (in my experience)
  • "But they're family!"…I didn't know being related stopped people from being a**holes. On the flip side, if we're family, why are you treating me like s**t in the first place?

That caps off this week’s edition of On Cloud Nine. Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good (no, GREAT) week.