Hey, I'm Jason 👋

I'm a full-time engineer who loves to write.

I geek out on health and fitness, invest in crypto, and try to learn new things often. Most of what I learn I share through my writing.

In 2016, I built a website from 0 to 25,000+ unique monthly visitors (but let the domain expire like a dumbass). I also built an audience of 10k+ followers on Medium (which I still have) and occasionally write and share stories there.

This site is now where I plan to publish articles on stuff I'm doing for the foreseeable future. I'm tired of playing the "growth game" on other platforms, and honestly, I just want to write about topics I'm interested in or passionate about.

So, here we are.

Each week, I send out a newsletter that might improve your life (at least that's what my mother says), and I'm quite active on Twitter if you ever want to say hello.

If you're interested in said newsletter, you should definitely sign up below 📩. It's just one short email per week, usually on Mondays, and I promise it's worth the 2-minute read.