Hey, I'm Jason 👋

I'm a full-time engineer who loves to write.

I started writing in 2016 and grew a self-improvement blog from 0 to 25,000+ unique monthly visitors with SEO. Then, I got bored and let the domain expire like a dumbass. So, I pivoted and built an audience of 10k+ followers on the writing platform Medium (which I fortunately still have).

Today, I mostly write stories for my newsletter: Part-Time Writing. I grew tired of playing the "growth game" on other platforms and just enjoy writing about topics I'm interested in or passionate about.

Mostly, it’s just a bunch of silly, sometimes thoughtful stories from life. But I also share practical advice, lessons, and tools I’ve picked up after learning new skills or hobbies (i.e. writing, health, parenting, leadership, etc).

It's basically the best newsletter you might not get each week (because that's just how part-time writing goes). If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to read through some of my latest posts here and sign up 📩 for exclusive future posts.

Last thing, I'm pretty active on Twitter if you enjoy my writing and ever want to say hello.