7: How to eat healthier, the next Bitcoin, and giving love

Happy Monday!

Last week was pretty action-packed with Valentine’s Day weekend and the Super Bowl capping it off. Hope you enjoy this week’s 3 things:

🥗 A simple trick to healthier eating

The first time I bought a giant pack of on-the-vine tomatoes from Costco, 90% of them sat in the pantry until they rotted and were moved to the trash. The next time I went to the store, rather than giving up on the idea of bulk fruits and veggies, I doubled down and bought some more.

But that second time around, I committed to adding one piece of either fruit or vegetable to every meal and snack. If I made a sandwich and only needed a slice or two of tomato, I’d chop up the rest and eat it on the side. If I wanted chips and hummus for a snack, I’d grab some carrots and dip them in it, too.

This little trick has greatly improved my eating habits. And I feel like a conqueror of tomatoes after eating 10 or so each week.

💸 This cryptocurrency may end up being more valuable than Bitcoin

At first, like Nat Eliason, I thought Olympus DAO was nothing more than a sham. But now, I’m convinced it could end up being a better store of digital gold than — gasp — Bitcoin itself. $OHM, the native token of Olympus, solves a massive problem in the blockchain world — liquidity for protocols. I can’t possibly explain it better than Nat, so check out his “DeFriday” article on Olympus DAO.

🧙 Do good today on this day of love

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” — Saint Basil