5: I Don't Write for Fame or Glory. I Write Because It Makes Me a Better Person.

I used to write because I wanted to "hit it big" someday, but I quickly realized I was in the wrong business.

Few people reach stardom status as a writer, but that's OK because even the best writers don't do it for fame or glory. They write because they love it and because it makes them a better person. Their love for writing is so great that they can't stop writing and sharing. Stardom, if achieved, just kinda happens along the way.

I don't care if I ever reach stardom. This is why I write:

It's a satisfying personal win for the day

I need personal wins to feel accomplished.

Most of my day is spent doing engineering work for someone else. Sure, when I get things done for them I feel good, but nowhere near as good as when I write and publish a piece for myself. Checking this box helps me relax in the evenings and sleep better at night.

Writing helps me work out my thoughts

I've got a lot going on in my head these days.

Good, bad, or indifferent, working out my thoughts is key for my growth. Sometimes, I write just to figure out why I'm writing (like today). Other times, I do it to understand why I feel a certain way. No matter the case:

  • Writing articulates the thoughts in my head
  • Publishing gives me outsider feedback to the thoughts in my head

I feel best when helping others

At the end of the day, the majority of my happiness comes from the impact I have on others.

In the 32 years that I've known myself, it doesn't matter how many things in a day I do for myself. Something is missing when I leave others out of the equation.

So most of all, I write to help others (which in turn helps me).