3: Don't Be Scared By Web3 — We Can Learn Together

Less than a month ago, I knew an entirely different world of decentralized finance existed, but I knew next to nothing about how to begin using it.

Then, over the holiday break, I spent two weeks diving into the details, during which I made close to every mistake possible (some that hurt my wallet — my actual one — in a not-so-small way).

But, I emerged with a solid foundation of how to navigate this fancy new blockchain technology, and more importantly, the beginnings of how to leverage it to build wealth, empower creators, and improve overall quality of life (as more money tends to do).

This year, I plan to explore and experiment pretty heavily into Web3 and all the cool, new projects currently under development. Projects like:

  • BitClout — Web3’s social media platform
  • Mirror.xyz — Web3’s platform for writers
  • Crypto Raiders — One of the first major “play and earn” video games on the Polygon network
  • Tokemak — A protocol that enables sustainable liquidity across all of DeFi (short for decentralized finance)

…among a ton of others.

Don’t worry if some of those terms don’t make sense to you. If you stick with me, I plan to learn with you and share as I go, which means we’ll start off together as beginners, but hopefully become experts towards the end of the year.

Also, I’ll be sharing my “crypto” net worth and its changes (hopefully positive) over time.

Of course, this means less of the typical self-improvement stories that I’ve been writing. Yes, I’ll still be sharing them on an occasional basis — self-care is still extremely important to me, as is the goofy way I sometimes share those personal stories.

But, Web3 appears to be the next stage in my “internet life” or whatever you want to call it. I know this (and my girlfriend does too) because it’s one of those things I simply can’t shut up about.

So for now, less self-improvement, more stories on Web3 innovation and its emerging technology.

If you’re in it with me, I’m looking forward to having you along for the ride. If this is something that completely doesn’t interest you, please don’t hesitate to unsubscribe. I know we all have way too much shit in our inbox these days that we don’t care about.

Either way, I love and appreciate all the support over the years.

Looking forward to some really cool stuff in the future.