12: The best fitness app I've ever used, ETH 2.0, and you can't change others

Happy Monday!

Last week I published Writers Credo: A Tool for Writers Who Get Lost Frequently. It’s something I’ve since printed out and put on the wall of my home office to remind myself of what’s important as a writer. Definitely worth the read (though I’m admittedly biased) if you’re a writer and struggle with the rollercoaster that writing tends to be.

Onto the newsletter:

🥗 A great workout app personalized for you and your goals

The older I get, the less I care about lifting heavy and the more I care about exercising for longevity. With Spring here and Summer around the corner, I took to the internet to search for a new workout program (because who doesn’t want to look their best at the pool?)

That led me to Fitify. It’s a phone-based app where you put in your info, goals, and the equipment you have (or want to use), and then it generates a tailor-made workout plan based on those inputs.

I’m only a week into the kettlebell workout I went with — so take from that what you will — but so far I’m loving it. Here’s the link to the app if you’re interested. It does cost money to sign up ($10/mo or less if you sign up yearly), but they have a free trial for you to try it out. I’m not an affiliate or anything, just legitimately happy with the product.

Dare I say it’s the best fitness app I’ve used to date 😲.

💸 ETH 2.0 is coming, but it’s not called “ETH 2.0” anymore

Someone in /r/ethereum posted this update on the upcoming ethereum merger “allegedly” happening later this year. There’s a lot of good information if you’re at all curious, and I even found out that it’s no longer being called “ETH 2.0”. (Might be time for Coinbase to update its terminology.)

Here are the highlights:

  • The merge lowers transactions fees, reduces impact on the environment (less energy for mining), and opens the door for more scaling solutions in the future
  • The price of ETH might drop dramatically (briefly) after the merger as people decide what to do with their coins
  • This could happen as early as mid-June (but not likely to happen)
  • Lots of things still to consider as Ethereum moves from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake

The full post is worth the read as there are way too many highlights to hit ‘em all without just recreating the post.

🧙 You CAN change yourself, but you CAN’T change others

When Naval Ravikant tweets, I listen. Here’s a quote from his latest gem:

“People think they can’t change themselves, but they can.

People think they can change others, but they can’t.”

Have a good (no, GREAT) week.