How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Jason Gutierrez
November 2, 2021

Living an extraordinary life isn’t about being a billionaire, curing cancer, or breaking Olympic records. It’s much simpler than that. An extraordinary life just means exceeding the norm in a few key categories that puts you in the top 1%.

1. Choose to be happy

...because most people aren’t. Happiness is not about having the best job, the most money, or the coolest stuff. It’s about being satisfied with what you have and who you surround yourself with. You can be happy right now if you simply chose to be. I know this is much harder than it sounds. Here are a few ways to help make this mindset shift:

  • Practice gratitude
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Smile more (fake it ‘til you make it)
  • Ditch negative/toxic people and hang out with more positive people
  • Help others (helping those less fortunate than you can change your perspective)
  • Do more things that make you happy in your bones (don’t sacrifice ALL of your personal happiness to make others happy)

2. Believe in yourself.

You will undoubtedly face many challenges and accumulate a long list of “failures” in your life. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you won’t be discouraged to give up on your dreams. You’ll persevere. Many people lack the self-confidence to keep going. If that’s you, slowly build yours up by setting and achieving increasingly harder goals for yourself.

3. Be consistent.

If you are consistent in the actions you take, you will eventually achieve whatever you set your mind to. Not only that, but if you are consistent in your behaviors, you will further build trust in yourself and others will have an easier time trusting you. Righteously earning the trust of others is something not many people on this Earth can say they’ve done.

4. Make investments for the future.

Humans are unique in that we are one of the only creatures that can plan for the future, yet so many of us fail to see the forest through the trees.

  • Set money aside for your financial future
  • Take an online course to increase your knowledge
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family by making a simple phone call

It’s often the little things that yield an extraordinary life. Are you extraordinary?


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