My 13 Rules for a Healthy and Happy Life

Published on May 10, 2020
Jason Gutierrez

As I continue to grow as a person, I’ve developed a series of rules that I live by. And no, I’m not superstitious about my thirteen rules. Here they are…

Love yourself first

I can’t expect someone else to love and bring me happiness if I can’t even find it within myself. I work on this by doing activities I enjoy, taking care of my health, and working towards the life I want to live.

Love others fully

I don’t half-ass relationships. I give it my all because life’s too short not to love at max capacity. And if it doesn’t work out, at least I can say I tried.


Always Be Confident. No matter what shit life slings my way, I feel confident in my own abilities to be able to handle it, which makes it much easier to weather bad situations. I continue to improve my confidence by building skills and getting good at things.

Never second-guess spending money on health and knowledge

I am the most important asset that I own, which is why I don’t bat an eye when it comes to taking care of my health or improving my skills. This includes things like gym memberships, exercise gear, good food, Athletic Greens, books, courses, and seminars.

Don’t live with regrets

I don’t regret the stupid things I’ve done or the people I’ve dated because most often it’s the “mistakes” that teach me the most valuable lessons and shape me into a better human.

Don’t like a situation? Change it

I always have the option to change my circumstances (and so do you). I remind myself that no one else controls my trajectory in life other than me — I’m always in the captain’s chair.

It’s OK to be selfish

Selfishness is OK, and I don’t let anyone tell me otherwise. I take care of myself so that I’m in prime condition to take care of others. And yes, I absolutely put my oxygen mask on first before assisting smaller children.

Choose friends wisely

I know that who I hang out with matters BIG TIME. This includes friends, family, and anyone else I spend my time with. I surround myself with the best so that I get nothing but the best in return. This was especially important when I battled anxiety — it’s tough to beat an ailment that thrives on negativity while surrounded by negative people.

Buy things based on long-term value

When I make a purchase, I look at function first and foremost, i.e. how much value I’ll get out of it over the long haul. For smaller purchases, I always ask myself “do I really need this?” and most times the answer is ‘no’. This practice has saved me more money than I can count over my lifetime.

Don’t get hit by the second arrow

Life causes enough angst. I don’t need to create any more unnecessary pain and suffering for myself, which is why I try not to hit myself with the second arrow.

Find meaning, find happiness

Life is pretty chaotic, but meaning can be found anywhere, in just about anything. If I can find meaning in the things that I do, I become infinitely happier. Just ask my pal Sisyphus.

Don’t hold in your farts

I do my best not to be afraid of who I am. I’m weird. I’m silly. I love competition, writing, video games and board games. I live life on my terms and don’t care what others think — something I’m proud of because it wasn’t always the case while growing up.

Most importantly, have fun

I enjoy the hell out of life because it’s too short to do anything but. Play is every bit as important as work, and I’m constantly working on just enjoying life sometimes.


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